Thursday, December 8, 2016

Crochet Christmas Stocking number four.

The last stocking; my own.  I went with just double crochet this time, but tried a different type of heel; an afterthought heel.  I created an opening for the heel, then went back after the rest was done.  Not entirely sure I did it right, but I like the technique.

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Crochet Christmas stocking; finishing details

To finish off the stockings, I stitched straps 20 single crochet long, then sewed them on as loops.

I wasn't able to find what I had in mind to embellish them, so I made a compromise that worked very well.  Hair clips.  Easy to put on and adjust as needed.

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Crochet stocking three

This one took a lot longer than the others.   I had a couple of false starts before I settled on the basket weave pattern.  As the green stocking ended up narrower than I wanted, I made this one a bit larger; 40 stitches around instead of 36.  Between that and the post stitches, it took quite a bit more yarn, too.

My daughters are quite happy with their stockings.  As I put things in them, though, I think I should have made them bigger. lol

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