Thursday, November 18, 2010

Cabled Earwarmer Hat

I've been making a few more hats in between working on a new version of my scoodie design.  Here's a variation of a basic hat using front and back post stitches, finishing with an earwarming modification at the bottom.


One of my frustrations with longer hats is that it's hard to keep the ears covered when it's folded up to uncover the eyes.  Here I've finished the front of the hat quite low on the forehead, but not so low as to obstruct the vision.


Then I continued the ribbed pattern (alternating front and back post stitches) for slightly more than half the circumferance of the hat, reducing each row by one on each end for a bit of a curve.  I finished with a round of single crochet to tidy up the edges, without any increases when working around the turn, so that the earwarmer portion cups the ears every so slightly.


I originally intended to make this into a beret or tam, but didn't like how it was turning out, so I ripped it and went with my basic hat pattern (flat disc top, straight sides) starting with 10 hdc worked into a ring, then working in front and back post double crochet to get this pattern.  When it came time to switch to the ribbed brim, I did the first round in back post half double crochet only, then did the rest in alternating front and back post dc.  The yarn is a Bernat Chunky (2 balls) and I used a 9.00mm hook.

The resulting hat has a lot of stretch to it, and the earwarmer portion really does the job.  The only down side is that the hook size and pattern that gives it such comfort and stretch also makes it less than ideal in higher winds.  Great for cooler weather, but I wouldn't wear it in a blizzard. ;-)

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