Friday, July 8, 2011

Rainbow Infinity

Well, I'm back in the province and pretty much caught up again. I can now post about another gift I made before we headed out, this one for my mother-in-law who, unlike my own mother, is computer savvy. I didn't want to spoil the surprise by posting photos before we left. ;-)

The yarn I used was one I picked up a while ago. I started to use it for another project, but things just were not working out. For starters, I found a total of FIVE knots and breaks in the yarn. I've never found so many before or since. That meant a lot of yarn was wasted trying to match the colour sequences properly. :-( Also, the yarn has an inconsistent thickness. At some points, it got so thin, it ended up breaking on me when I had to undo some stitches.

Despite that, the more I worked with the yarn, the more I loved it. I loved the colours and how they blended from one to another. Even with the cost and the fuss, I would enjoy using it again.

The pattern is a modification of Lily Chin's Molly Ringwald Stole, in her book Couture Crochet Workshop. The original was worked back and forth from the middle of the stole, and it took very little to modify it into a moebius.

The finished garment can be worn several ways. Here it is on the shoulders, as a stole, front view.

Rainbow Infinity

Just a light covering. Here's the back view...

Rainbow Infinity

Of course, it can also be worn as a wide scarf.

Rainbow Infinity

Or doubled up as a neck warmer.

Rainbow Infinity

And finally, it can also be worn as a cowl over the head.

Rainbow Infinity

My MIL was quite pleased when she received it. :-)

Not quite the same with my own mother when I gave her the Ruffled Reading Jacket. I had been concerned about the fit, but my mother is very uncomfortable accepting gifts and didn't want to try it on. I let it be so she could try it in private. Later on, she told me it was too small, but I saw she wasn't sure how to put it on. I think it really did fit, but she wouldn't let me help her put it on all the way. It's not really the sort of thing she likes to wear, I guess. When she started talking about undoing it to use the yarn for "something useful," I just took it back and suggested I give it to my MIL.

Which I did, and she loved it. So now my MIL has two reading jackets (that reminds me - I still need to get a picture of the first one I gave her! *L*), including one wide enough to cover her back completely.

It all worked out in the end. :-)

During this trip, my mother passed on to me some wonderful items that belonged to her aunt. I will be getting photos of some of them to share here. What a treasure! I wish I'd known her better. She was a remarkable crafter!


Anonymous said...

Just beautiful Anna, the colours really do blend nicely! You did very well! One would not be able to tell you had such a hard time with your materials. Just beautiful.

Anna said...

Thanks. :-) I actually had a much harder time with the first project I attempted with this yarn. I switched to a larger hook, which made things work a lot better.