Monday, February 20, 2012

A better picture

I posted a photo of the finished Blankets 4 Canada blanket I'd been working on, using my phone.  Here's a better version. :-)

Finished B4C blanket

This is the first time I've ever done a joined blanket.  Any other blankets I've done have been all in one piece, with the exception of a hooded baby blanket that had a triangle added to one corner for the hood. 

These squares were joined by working 1 sc in one square, 1 ch, then 1 sc about a quarter inch down in the second square, while holding them wrong sides together.  For the joining yarn, I happened to have the same type of yarn in matching pale blue and one of the reds that was used in some of the squares, so I alternated between them - I didn't have enough of either to join the entire blanket in one colour.  I was rather pleased to not run out of the red right near the end!

I worked on this in one of the multi-purpose rooms available in the co-op we live in.  A very handy space, with plenty of tables to make spreading out such a project very easy.  The only "down" side was all the interruptions.  We live in a very neighbourly co-op, so whenever people went by the door and saw me, they'd pop in to say hello and chat for a bit. :-D  Enjoyable, but it did make things take a bit longer.

I can live with that. ;-)

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