Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Working on some cable stitch for my course. I need to plan an intermediate project with Aran stitches; knurl (done), diamond (blocking) and cable. I'll be throwing some front post cables into the project as well.

update:  Hmmm... on looking at the photo on the computer, I think I posted the wrong cell phone picture.  I discovered my phone has a macro setting, which turned out better.

When I have the front panel of this project assempled (it's going to be a sampler pillow case, and the back is going to be plain) I'll get some better photos.


Otis Giles said...

Anna: I love your new profile photo! What course are you taking now, or is this one that you are teaching?

Anna said...

Thanks. :-) My daughter took a bunch of photos of me and herself to use on profiles and bios. She did a great job!

The course is the second part of the one I'm taking with the Craft Yarn Council. The first part, for instructor certification, is complete. The second half is for professional certification. :-D