Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A handy thing...

So my darling younger daughter is teaching herself to knit.  Well.  I'm quite impressed with how quickly she is picking it up!

After making a quick sample of knit and purl with a cable, she moved on to making a pair of slippers, which my husband now wears.  They are awesome.

Now she has decided to make a phone cozy for her father's phone.  It's going to be a basic rectangle folded in half and the side seams sewn closed.  It's also going to have a cable in the centre.

For those not familiar with doing cables in knit, a group of stitches is taken off the needle and onto a cable stitch holder - a J shaped tool - then the stitches are worked back on again later.  In the process of doing this, my daughter needed to keep her stitch holder handy until needed in the next row.

So she did this.

Yup.  She's using her captured bead earring as a holder for her stitch holder.

What a hoot!  Plus, it works rather well!

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