Thursday, November 28, 2013

Craft and Gift Idea links

For those who are looking for some craft ideas and how-to's for Christmas gifts or decorations, here are some of my related posts and articles.


Get Spicy: Here is a step-by-step of the fragrant decorations we made for our tree in 2011.

Quick and Easy Garland and Easy Crochet Garland: Two versions of a spiral crochet garland with contrasting edging.

Temari:  This is a link to a series of posts, which you will find in reverse order.  These step-by-step posts were done in 2011 using 3 inch cores, but they can be made in a variety of sizes - our Christmas tree has them in 1 1/2 inch and 2 inch cores.  They make great gifts as well as decorations.

Christmas Sachets: These step-by-step decorations go back to 2008 (posts are in reverse order).  We don't have many left, but their scent still lingers.

 Apple Cinnamon Cookie-cutter decorations:  These were our 2009 decorations.  You'll find the step-by-step to make them in Part One, then finish them in Part Two.

Eight Point Star ornaments: these yarn wrapped ornaments are fast, easy and addictive!

Plastic Canvas ornaments: A step-by-step for two different plastic canvas shapes.

Crochet Covered Christmas ornaments: A free pattern.

Christmas Light Luminaries: Step-by-step instructions to modify a string of Christmas lights, these can be used all year, by just wrapping them with seasonal garlands.

Hand Crafted Gift Ideas:

3 Hour Crochet Cowl: A free pattern for a simple cowl, with ideas for modifications.

Simple Lap Blanket: Another free crochet pattern.

Salt Jar Luminaries: A step-by-step for candle luminaries.

A Pot of Roses: These everlasting flowers will be sure to bring cheer to a loved one!

Gift Idea Product, Move and Book Reviews:

Over at Squidoo, writers have been given quest challenges to do reviews on various themes.  Here are some of mine that might inspire some gift-giving ideas.

Endhiran (Robot) Movie Review

Atlantis: The Lost Empire and Disney's Missing Princess

Star Wars Original Trilogy - Unaltered

For the Well Rounded Crocheter - Plus Size Crochet

The Philosopher's Kitchen, for the Historical Foodie

Wabash Familiy Farms Popcorn Maker

Recipes to Enjoy:

Making Chevre de Provence (you'll need to start these a week before you need them)


Mulled Wine

Christmas Goose step-by-step, Part One, Part Two, Part Three

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