Monday, March 24, 2014

My First Ever Get Crafting Challenge!

One thing about living in a Northern climate is that spring can be pretty darn ugly.  Everywhere, there are great piles of snow that, as they melt, become increasingly black with street grit.  The melting snow reveals all sorts of garbage and oddities in the process.  Even the trees are dull from dirt and dust. 

We need some cheer.  We need some colour.

So I've decided on an experiment.

I have just put up another free pattern on my squidoo pages.  It's another photo how-to with a basic pattern for making crochet Easter Eggs.

My challenge is this.

Make lots and lots of these eggs.  Then, take them with you as you go out and about during your day.  Strew them here and there for others to find.  Hang them from trees or tuck them into planters.  Leave them on benches or at your favourite coffee shop.  If you wish, add a little tag to them, inviting whoever finds them to take part in the Get Crafting! Easter Egg Challenge.

After finding a place for your egg, feel free to take a photo.  If you wish, email photos to me at gottagetcrafting @ (minus the spaces), along with the name I should credit it to and general location, I and will post them here.  Or, post them on my facebook page.  If you have a bunch of photos online, send me a link and I'll post that.  Or leave a link in the comments.

Not a crocheter?  No problem!  Make eggs with whatever materials or methods you wish (just make sure it's nothing that will harm anyone or anything when left outdoors).  Send me an email or leave a comment telling me about your crafting method.

I hope you have fun with this challenge!  Share this post, leave comments and otherwise let me know how it's going.  If you have any ideas for my next challenge, please let me know!

Happy Crafting!

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Not your average girl said...

This is such a great idea!