Sunday, November 27, 2016

Crochet Christmas Stocking

Just finished the first of 4 stocking I will be making this year, each in a different base color.  This one is for my husband, who loves bright pink.  I  will be adding a hanger and a decorative element to each of them when they are done.

I am not using a pattern for this.  I didn't find any information was happy with, so I am winging it. 

Also, I have discovered a Blogger oops.  I can email posts, as I am doing with this one, but somewhere along the line, Blogger changed things and it changed the email address to do so.  I missed this, so I have been emailing posts to a non-existant address.  I got no failure notifications, so I have no idea where they ended up.

So I hope to have posts actually show up more often, now that I've fixed this. lol

Mobile message.

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