Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Crochet Rope Basket... with cat

Some time ago, I had picked up several pieces of glow in the dark rope that I found at a rather strange discount superstore in my city, with the thought of crocheting with it.  In the end, I decided against doing it, partly because it seemed a waste to do that with something that is intended to be exposed to light and glow in the dark.  Too much of the rope would be hidden in the twists and loops.

Instead, I decided to use it to make a rope basket.  I found instructions online that I used as a guide, crocheting the coiled rope in place with white cotton crochet thread and a 3.00mm hook. 

A little while ago, I finished it.  It's a bit wonky, and there are things I would do different, but that's okay.  I've got two more lengths of the same rope remaining and will likely use them to make a larger version.

It doesn't seem to glow very well, but perhaps it just hasn't had enough exposure to bright enough light, yet.  I'll have to test it out better, another time.

After showing it to my husband, he suggested I get a picture of it by our cat, Freya. So I did.  She was curled up on the spare bed with her boy, Finnigan.  Finn ignored it completely.

My husband also predicted that she would immediately try and go into the basket.

He was right, of course.

She does this with pretty much everything.  Even the case for my glucometer.

I love our crazy cats.

As for the basket, I am quite happy with it and will definitely work up another one.  I will probably do another oval, though I haven't decided if I will make handles like this again, or make one with a lid.

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