Monday, July 27, 2009

My daughter's blanket

My daughter's blanket
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My older daughter has asked me to crochet a blanket for her, which will be my next big project to start once the balletneck sweater is finished. Watching her sister choosing pattern and yarn inspired a desire for a blanket in my 13 yr old. She, however, took to crochet the way her sister takes to painting, and has no need to wait for me to make anything for her. She's doing it herself.

She decided on Bernat Chunky (bulky, 5) in Camouflage for her yarn. It's machine washable and dry-able. The shell pattern is from the back of one of the labels; a simple, repeated shell made up of 1sc, 2ch, 2dc using a J hook. It's come out strangely narrow - perhaps because my daughter tends to work very tightly. It will probably be necessary to add a border to make it wide enough to comfortably use.

In this photo, she's almost finished her first 300g ball of yarn. This is going to be a very warm and soft blanket. The older cat already loves it, and has a tendency to use it for a bed, even if my daughter is in the middle of working on it. *L*

I think she's doing a fantastic job!

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