Friday, July 31, 2009

Crochet - balletneck sweater, original yoke

I got my husband to take a photo of me wearing the sweater before I modified the yoke.

Original Yoke

The width issue is a pretty obvious problem here. *L* What you can't see is the little ball of remaining yarn hanging off the back of my left shoulder.

What I've decided to do is take out the last 2 rounds of sc after the round of tc. Since I was adding quite a few more rounds, I decided to add more beads. I had to unwrap the ball of remaining yarn and string them on the other end, push them up to where I was working, then ball the yarn up again.

The first round after the tc is still in sc, but I worked it from the inside of the yoke, sliding a bead up every second stitch. After that, I'm working several decreasing rounds of hdc. When I get to doing sc again, I'll be adding another bead round and finish off with a plan sc round.

Although the yoke area looks like it's about to slide off my shoulders at any moment, they actually can't fall off. Now that the sleeve seams are completed, they are snug enough around the upper arm that the sleeves hold up the yoke area. The sleeves aren't tight, but because of the vertical ribbing, there's a nice elasticity.

As for the body, I'm quite happy with how it sits. While somewhat form fitting, it actually feels loose and comfortable. It's long enough that I can raise my arms and not flash belly at the world. Best of all, when I put my arms down again, the whole thing just slides back down into place. No need to yank it down.

I should be able to finish the whole thing some time this evening. I'll wait to take photos until tomorrow, though, and try to get some in daylight. :-D

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