Sunday, October 18, 2009

We're back!

Canadian Thanksgiving has come and gone, and we're back from our first visit to family in Manitoba in 4 years! It was a great trip (well... we could have done without driving through a blinding snowstorm on the way out) and a great visit.

The blitz gifts I'd made went over quite well, and I even had some extras. My dad liked the blanket I made for him. The main concern for me, though, was seeing if the balletneck sweater I made for my mother fit her properly.

Balletneck Sweater

And here she is! (photo cropped for privacy - I'm pretty sure my mother wouldn't like her face on the internet...) The sweater fit exactly the way I wanted it to! She really liked it (phew!) and was surprised when I told I'd hand made it myself. She told me it looked very professional. ;-) She even commented on how glad she was for the open neckline and shorter sleeves, as well as the fit. She was pleasantly surprised when I told her I knew that was what she liked and got the sizing from talking to my sister. I think she was quite flattered about that. :-D

On the way back, we were able to bring our library with us - in fact, we were able to bring all but one box home, and the only reason that box didn't make it was because it would have blocked off the space we'd left so we could still use the rear view mirror. That means I now have all my craft books again! I'm going to be spending the next while going through them. Although I'm still working on some crochet projects, I am looking to start projects using different techniques soon.

I also found a few older completed and in progress pieces I'd packed away. When I get a chance, I'll get some photos and post the stories behind them.

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