Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Today, I finally finished a crochet blanket ... er... afghan (what's the difference, exactly?) that I decided to make for my dad. I was actually going to wait until daytime to take a photo (it's past 1am as I write this), but... well... look!


Yeah, I had to use a flash and it sucks, but how adorable is that?


I mean, seriously. She's just so cute. She's even tucking her face away, hiding from the flash. *L*

Of course, after I took some photos and was uploading them to the computer, the other cat came over and joined her. Not long enough for me to take more photos, though. ;-)

This pattern is from Crochet Today magazine, nov/dec 08. It's titled Easy Winter Throw, and it is definitely easy. With the yarn and hook size, it's also quite fast. I started this in early September and actually didn't work on it at all for a while, as I was working on my blitz projects.

The recommended yarn for the project was Light and Lofty in Plum for the body and Wine for the border. The bulk for the yarn is a 6, super bulky. What I had on hand was a whole lot of Bernat Harmony, which is a 5, bulky. I decided to go with the Harmony, using two strands on the hook. I did use the recommended 9.00mm hook.

I also decided on vertical stripes (the pattern is worked vertically anyway). Each stripe is 6 rows wide, and I just kept going until I knew I wouldn't have enough blue to do another stripe. I had a lot more black than blue, so I used that as the border. The finished blanket is about 51 x 62 inches. It's wonderfully soft and warm, though a touch on the heavy side.

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Ellen Gormley said...

Great job! Looks like it got the boss' seal of approval!