Monday, November 16, 2009

Showpiece feature: beadwork vest

Vest detail
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My daughter and I had another day at the museum, and this time, I brought along my monopod. It allowed me to finally get some decent pictures of some of my favourite pieces in the Aborigional display, though I still ended up on ISO1600, so they're pretty grainy.

This is a detail from a vest that always amazes me when I see it. You can see the rest of it here. The front panels are completely covered in solid beads! This technique uses lengths of pre-strung beads laid out in the pattern, then tacked into place from underneath. Most pieces I've seen using this technique have little spaces in between the beads where the tacking stitches are, but I see no sign of them here.

A lot of planning and skill went into making this, and I'm sure it was proudly worn by its original owner.

I wonder how much it weighs?

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