Saturday, December 11, 2010

2010 Christmas decorations - first batch

The last of this year's Christmas decorations are now done!  I did the last one today while showing my daughter's friend how to make them, and he'll be doing a total of three as gifts, so I won't be taking photos of those.

Our total this year is 30 decorations, which I think is a record.  We may have done more with our cinnamon dough decorations, but a number of them were quite tiny, whereas these are all the same size.  I took photos of them in groups of six and will be doing a post with details of each group - just to warn you that there's going to be 5 more posts after this one! LOL

Here's the first batch.

2010 Christmas decorations - finished.

There of these were already photographed in the step-by-step post on how these were made. Starting on the top left, I've got:

Beads: green semi-opaque beads with silver centres.  The holes were too large, and the pin heads (I used shorter pins) would go right through some of them, so I added seed beads onto the pin first.  In this case, clear beads with silver centres.

Wrap: Leftover Christmas yarn from last year; acrylic with a strand of silver metallic.

Centre: green "gem" card stock and a single craft gem affixed with gold glitter glue.

Top middle:

Beads: silver faux metal round beads.  I happened to use longer pins for this one, which had a wider head, so I didn't need to use seed beads to prevent them from sliding through.

Wrap: same type of yarn as the red one previously described.

Centre: foil base with teardrop shaped self-adhesive scrabooking gems with the points turned inward, topped with a craft gem affixed with "opal" glitter glue.

Top right:

Beads: semi-transparent amethyst coloured seed beads

Wrap: Patons Brilliant yarn in Plum

Centre: foil base with craft gems affixed with "opal" glitter glue.

Bottom left:

Beads: Semi-transparent red beads with silver centres, topped with clear seed beads with silver centres

Wrap: Started with Bernat Shimmer metallic yarn, then gold metallic crochet thread (Sunset by Phildar, if I remember correctly), ending with red metallic crochet thread

Centre: red "gem" card stock with a gold craft gem affixed with gold glitter glue

Bottom centre:

Beads: same silver beads as the green one above

Wrap: Bernat Shimmer and red metallic crochet thread together

Centre: foil base with self adhesive gems

Bottom right:

Beads: the same silver beads as above, however I was using short pins by this type, so I had to top them with seed beads (clear, silver centres) so they wouldn't pull through the holes. 

Wrap: unknown novelty yarn; I can't even remember if it's left over from something I bought myself, or if I got it through an exchange, the Reuse Centre or Goodwill! *L*

Centre: dark blue "gem" card stock with silver craft gem affixed with silver glitter glue.


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