Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve - our goose is cooked!

Part One
Part Two

These should be the last photos of the goose preprations.

The goose itself, cooked to an internal temperature of 82F, finished roasting a fair bit faster than the time recommended by weight.  Here's how it turned out.

Christmas Goose

It's looking quite crispy, which is what I like.  Here, it's been moved to the platter so I could drain the roasting pan.  As I write this, it's back in the roaster and staying warm in the oven.

Christmas Goose

I drained the roaster into a 1 quart canning jar, including some of the drippings, but it was too much.  Aside from this amount, I got a soup bowl's worth of drippings that still had a small amount of fat on top.

I'm hanging on to the fat, as it's supposed to be really good to cook with.

As for the drippings, I used them to make a gravy.  There was not much more than a cup of drippings, two which I added a splash of red wine and another of orange juice and brought to a boil.  I thickened it with corn start.  No other seasonings were added.  It's a rather tangy gravy that I kinda like.

Meanwhile, on the assembly line, we've got Bacon and Cheddar devilled eggs, mashed yellow potatoes with smoked mozarella, garlic and bacon bits, and broccoli a la Julia Child.

I'm getting soooo hungry!

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