Monday, August 15, 2011

Thread crochet flowers

Well, it's official. I am obessed with crochet. I am now doing it in my sleep! *L*

The day before I was to visit a friend in the hospital, I was thinking about how I wanted to bring her something to cheer her up. Brightly coloured flowers came to mind - flowers that would never wilt!

The next morning, I woke and found I'd worked out a completely different way to do flowers than I usually do! LOL I ended up visiting her a lot earlier than originally planned, so I ended up finishing these two off while I was there.


I started off with a centre much like I usually do. A bunch of hdc were worked around a chain ring. In these, the ring was 6 ch with 12 hdc. Then I made the loops to work the petals into by doing a front post sc around an hdc, 3 ch, skip 1 hdc. The next round was exactly the same, but worked into the skipped hdc.

The petals were what I changed completely. Usually I work shell stitches into the loops. This time, each petal is worked by doing several foundation dc, 3 dc at the top, then dc into the bases of the foundation dc. Each petal is anchored by slip stitching into the sc in between each loop.

The leaves were also done in the same way as the petals, controlling the width of the leaves by changing the height of the stitches, and throwing a picot in to make a more defined tip. I'll have to write up detailed instructions later on, but I'm still tweaking.

After securing the ends and sewing the leaves onto the backs of the flowers, I left the long ends so that my friend could use them to fasten them to something, if she chooses.

I tweaked the design a bit more to make this flower.


This Black Eyed Susan was done with dc instead of hdc in the centre, and I worked the petals more like the leaves in the earlier flowers, changing up the front and back petal lengths and widths, as well as adding picots to the tips for definition. That cat hair is just an extra bonus. :-/ LOL I'm really happy with these, and plan to make many more. I don't expect to tweak things much beyond this particular flower.

The red, white and yellow threads used for these are from the stash I inherited from my great-aunt, while the hook I used is from a set given to me by the friend I was visiting in the hospital.

It's little details like this that make hand crafted projects so special! Even the smallest of things can have big stories behind them.


Anonymous said...

Awesome, you are some talented kind a girl!

Anna said...

Thanks! :-)