Thursday, June 14, 2012


So, I am working on the front panel of the child's sweater I an making for my final protect in my course.  It is a very basic V neck pattern that is about 40 years old, so the way the pattern is written is different. No too difficult to figure out; just the phrasing is a little confusing at times.
I reach the point where the first armhole shaping and half the V neck are shaped.  All is going well until I notice something odd about the pattern.
There is no other half.
There isn't even mention of the other half.  The instructions go straight to working the sleeves.
Which means I an going to have to wing it and mirror the first half.
Maybe it will count for extra in my evaluation. :-/


Otis Giles said...

love the colours

Anna said...

Thanks. It's Bernat Mosaic in a colourway that was on clearance - I bought the last 4 balls, without knowing what I would do with it. I'm glad I did. :-) It's a bit course for clothing, though, so it's a good thing this project isn't actually meant for anyone to wear. *L*