Saturday, July 28, 2012

Celebration Time!

After way too long, I finally finished part 2 of my crochet course!  The last project was finished about a week ago, but I needed to finish converting my notes into lessons, patterns, etc., print it all out and put it all together.

Finishing required commandeering the computer for the day and pretty much kicking the family out so I could work on it uninterrupted.  Good gosh!  I just looked at the time.  I've been working on this for almost 8 hours straight!

You don't need to read this, do you?

Mind you, I did have some interruptions.  I set up a small table beside the computer chair to spread my binders and stuff out.  That required closing the drawer we usually have our older cat's bed set up (yes, we're sucks).  She was quite unhappy with the situation and plunked her but down right on my notes in protest.  I wasn't able to get a shot, but the other cat promptly jumped up to see what the big deal was. 


And here it is!  I've got all but two of the samples in small Ziploc bags that were hole punched to fit in my lesson binder.  The sweater and sampler pillow case are too big to fit into the binder with them.

Now I just have to find a box big enough to fit it all and mail it off.

It feels so good to finally have this finished!!

More photos here.


Otis Giles said...

Congrats Anna! It must feel great to finally be finished. Now what will you do next?

Anna said...

Thanks! It does feel great. I just need to make sure it doesn't spend too much time waiting for me to find a box the right size. *L*

I've got a bunch of things I'd put on hold until this was done. Practicing my knooking is one of them; I've already broken in my knook kit that you saw. Then there's that cardigan I want to make for myself using the yarn the girls bought me for my birthday. I also need to build up my inventory, since I've been setting up shop at Art on the Plaza with Anastasia every Sunday - I need more non-winter stuff! *L*

So... yeah, I've got a lot on the back burner! LOL