Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Finally! My first ruffle scarf

So I've been fussing with various types of ruffle yarn lately.  The scarves made with this yarn are really popular right now, and they're very simple.  Just a few stitches of basic knit or crochet across.

Simple, however, does not mean easy.

This stuff has been driving me crazy!

I don't knit.  I can knit, but I'm rather terrible at it, and I just don't enjoy it enough to put in the effort to become good.  My younger daughter knits and, after failing with crochet, she knit one of these scarves up in no time at all.  Well, relatively speaking, since the ball of ruffle yarn she was using had about twice the yardage of other brands.  It's a pretty awesome and very looong scarf.  She could have done two, instead!

I've started making a scarf with ruffle yarn several times over, but just can't seem to get the hang of it.  I've met people who can crochet a scarf in about half an hour, and I just don't get how they can do it.  The yarn is obnoxiously irritating to work with.  It drives me nuts, and it doesn't seem to matter what brand I use, either.

Then someone on the crochet instructor's facebook group put up instructions on making a ruffle scarf using a latch hook.   Yes, the same latch hook used for rug making.  Today, I finally picked up a latch hook and gave it a go.

Wow, does it ever work!  The technique is completely different.  Rather than rows, it's made up of clusters.  It's not my pattern, so I won't put instructions here, but I am already thinking of different ways I want to try it with the latch hook.  My daughter is also wanting to try it, too.

I think we will need to pick up another latch hook!

So here it is, my first ruffle scarf, modeled by my daughter and her cat.

I used new Bernat Truffle yarn, which is currently on introductory sale at Michaels for $1.99 (the regular price is $6.99, so you might want to stock up - our you can buy it from my Amazon shop here.).  Though only 37 yards in a skein, it makes up a very long scarf - it's doubled up in the photo.  I picked up 4 different colours of this yarn, and am now pretty excited about trying them all out!

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Shirley said...

Is the pattern posted SOMEWHERE? That pattern drives me nuts, too, I'd love to see a different way to do it!