Thursday, April 18, 2013

More ruffles

Yup!  More ruffle scarves!

I did the two scarves last night (the Bernat Truffle in purples I posted yesterday, plus a red and burgundy version; I think it's Sashay, but the label disappeared, so I'm not sure), then my daughter gave it a go with the Bernat Truffle in reds.  She did about half before bed, then started again in the afternoon, almost finishing by the time I left to teach a class.  When I came back several hours later, she'd worked up the other two balls of Bernat Truffle I had (the black/grey and blues), too!

I came home with two more balls of yarn - another Bernat Truffle in green, yellow and blue, plus a peacock blue Starbella Flash, plus a second hook.  I had to lay claim to the Starbella, because she was ready to work up both right away!  She promptly worked up the Truffle yarn, and I just finished doing the Starbella.

Two days, seven scarves!

Yeah, we're hooked.  Pun intended.

When I picked up the extra yarn and hook, I had a chance to talk to my manager about doing this during $5 Yarn Night on Saturday, April 20.  For those in Edmonton, if you want to see how to make these, I will be at the Clareview Michaels from 1-3pm.  If all goes as planned, I'll be set up in the yarn section instead of the classroom.

Hope to see you there!

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Otis Giles said...

Hi Anna: I'll have a bag of blanket strips for you soon. They will come from my good friend, Bragg. Also, I bought a new crochet book. One Skein Wonders. Have you got it? If not, I can bring it to the next meeting you'll be attending so that you can peruse it. Can't make it to Yarn night today because I have 3 other commitments already. What is it about this date?? Cheers. BJ