Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Is this awesome, or what?

My younger daughter recently completed a new shawl for her sister.  She bought herself a copy of Exquisite Crochet Shawls, and the pattern is the Galician Sea Shawl.

There were some minor modifications.  Instead of the recommended light worsted weight yarn in the book, she used, the medium weight Waverly for Bernat in Classic Navy.  She also used a larger 5.00mm hook. Because the yarn is a heavier weight and larger hook size, she made it several pattern repeats smaller than the pattern recommended.

Which, as you can see from the size of it, was a good idea!  Blocking it was a challange.  I don't have enough of those interlocking foam mats for something this size, so she had to make do.

The border rows alone took 1 1/2 balls of yarn, which means it took a total of 6 balls of yarn to make this shawl.

 Her sister loves it!

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