Saturday, January 30, 2016

USB Charger cord cover

I just couldn't resist.

When I had a moment, I grabbed some glittery yarn and used it to cover my new phone's USB charger cord.

No, I did not work it with the charger actually attached.  I popped it on because the cord kept trying to unroll on me, and I needed the weight to hold it down! LOL

The yarn is some leftover Paton's Brilliant that I have some remnants of.  I used a 2.00mm hook and did single crochet in the same manner as the ear bud wires..  The round cable was MUCH easier to work around.

The whole thing took about 20 minutes from start to finish, even with minor interruptions from a cat that was determined to climb on and around everything as destructively as possible.  I had used my wood burning pen earlier and, as it was cooling down, the case was still out on my table.  Somehow he managed to not just step in it, but in such a was as to flip the plastic tray holding the different tips, causing it to flip out of the case completely and sent tips flying.  Thankfully, they went flying into the case, rather than all over the table or the floor.

As an aside, using a heated craft knife makes cutting Styrofoam insulation a lot less messy!

My older daughter came by as I was working on this and like it so much that, when she replaces her own phone, she'd like me to cover her new cables and cords, too.  *L*

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