Saturday, April 25, 2009

Desk leg carpet protectors.

Since the success of the carpet protectors on our coffee table legs, I've been slowly working on similar protectors for our desk. They're done much the same way, except I've added extra padding to the bases. I've done two for the back of the desk already, but made some changes for the front. The front legs of our desk has some parts missing at the bottom that makes the front lower than that back. As a result, the bottom drawers have a tendency to open on their own.


I started off by making two squares the same size as the desk leg. With the second one, I didn't finish off the yarn, so that I could just continue on and join the two squares together.


I did a round of sc to join them. At each corner I did 1sc, 1ch, 1sc to turn to make sure the square lay flat. This is the "front" of the square, which will be the bottom of the piece.


This is the other side, which will be the inside of the piece.


For the next round, I worked 1sc into the back of each loop. I did 2sc together in the 1ch and first sc of each corner to snug it up nicely.


After that, each round was just 1sc into each sc of the previous row. This view shows where each round was joined by a ss at one corner.


Next, I made another square slightly larger than the original squares.


This larger square was then joined to the base using the front loops left after doing the first round.


Here, the square is completely attached. This is where I finished when making the ones for the back of the desk.


Since I wanted the front to have extra padding to add a bit of height, I made another square, again slightly larger than the previous square, and joined it to the base with sc to finish.


All done.


Unfortunately, once I got it on the desk, it still didn't raise the front high enough to prevent the drawers from opening. I'm hoping that getting the last one on the other leg will make the difference. If not, than the drawers are opening for another reason. :-P

At least the carpet is being protected more, which is the reason I'm making these.

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