Sunday, April 12, 2009

Special feature - embroidered linen

Embroidery detail
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First off, I did NOT make this! It's almost 50 years older than I am.

When my elder daughter was just a baby (she's now 16!), we lived in Victoria, BC. She and I had gone to a nearby mall, which had some sort of event going on. The mall was filled with tables of people selling goods of all kinds. There was on woman who was selling hand embroidered antique linens she picked up from all over.

I fell in love with this piece. Linen embroidery on linen cloth, now almost 90 years old. The embroidery includes cutwork and pulled thread embroidery and has a scalloped edge. It's one of the most incredible pieces of workmanship I own.

I have different set I bought from this same woman - a small tablecloth with 8 matching napkins. The last time I saw her, shortly before we moved, I saw the most incredible huge tablecloth with 12 matching napkins, also in linen, that matches this one in skill and quality, but blew it away with the variety of techniques. It was so tempting to buy it. I even had a check in my pocket, waiting to be cashed, that could have paid for it.

We bought a car, instead. The car is long gone, but the linens I bought from this woman remain.

I wonder if she's still in business?

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