Tuesday, August 18, 2009

New project: Crochet - Reminiscence afghan

I've got several new projects on the go right now, all of them crochet. I really need to work on something else, too! *L*

This one, however, is a special request. My older daughter asked me to crochet a blanket for her to use this winter. She needs something for those "in between" nights, when it's too cold for a sheet, but too warm for her comforter, and she didn't like anything she saw in the stores.


We went through so many pattern books at the library, I no longer remember which one this is from! I know I've seen it in Michael's, too, so I'll have to look it up. I'm not finding it in the library any more - it's either checked out, or at a different branch.

The pattern is called Reminiscence. It's done with a H/8 - 5.00mm hook and worsted weight yarn. My daughter chose a Red Heart Comfort Sport in brown, which came in 350g balls.


The pattern for the body is a repeat of one 4 stitch shell. The texture is created by the first two dc stitches done in the 3rd and 4th stitches of the shell below, 1 ch, then the final dc done in 1st stitch of the previous shell group, worked from the front. This requires a bit of digging and twisting to get the hook into the right spot. It's really quite nice, but kind of slow going.

Since the entire body is done like this, I won't bother posting any other photos until I start working on the lace border. I'm looking forward to that part :-D It might take a couple of months before I post about this project again, though. *L*

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