Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Crochet - Shimmer skirt

Here is the other large project I have going right now; a long skirt for my younger daughter. The yarn had come out for Christmas last year in Walmart. I had no purpose in mind for it, but I liked the colour and shimmer, so I grabbed a couple of balls. It's Bernat Shimmer, which is very much like the Patons Brilliant (in face, until I hunted out the label to write this, that's what I thought it was, having used it for the balletneck sweater). It's a hand wash only yarn, with a bulk rating of light (3), and it came in 300g balls. It's 69% acrylic and 31% polyester.


I'm making this pattern up as I go along, using the techniques from Mary Jane Hall's, Crochet That Fits. I didn't count the stitches when I made the foundation chain. Instead, I simply held it up to my daughter to measure from her waist to her ankles. The stitch markers frame her hip area, with a sc waist band at the top, hdc at the hips and dc for the body. My original thought was to have a button closure at the waist, but I think it might not actually need it. We shall see. The pattern will be repeated like this for the entire skirt so, like the afghan I'm making for my older daughter, I won't bother taking more photos until the end. I will make it wide enough to fit snugly around the hip area, so that the weight of the skirt is held by the hips, as well as the waist.


This is a close up of the foundation chain, which is one area I did things a bit differently. I worked the first row of stitches into the BACK of the foundation row, leaving the top loops available for later. When it comes time to sew up the seam at the end, this will have the foundation chain looking just like the last row of stitches, so it won't need any extra finishing. If I do end up adding a button closure, this will also give me loops to work into.

Depending on how much yarn I have left with this is done, I might be able to make a matching top, as well.

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