Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Blitz - Market bag

Last one! I now have 20 pieces (actually, I think I ended up with 21 - I'll have to recount. *L*), and still several days before we leave for our road trip.


I got the pattern for this from Getting Started Crochet. It's a good sized bag, though I find the tie straps a less logical design element from the usual loop type straps. The bag has a large flat, solid bottom done in hdc, so nothing's going to slip through that way - a problem I've noted with other types of bags.

I did find myself with a mystery, though. The last row on the base has 120 stitches. The first row of loops was done in groups of 4 (3ch, 1sc), for 120 stitches. The 5 chain loops were closed off at the top with the same 4 stitch sequence as the first loop row, then it was back to hdc for the top. For some reason, I went from 120 stitches to 112, and I can't for the life of my figure out how that happened! I could find no errors anywhere in the pattern.

Not that it makes a different, really. I just adjusted the numbers accordingly when making the straps.

I'll have to make another one of these for myself. :-D

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