Monday, January 16, 2012

My daughter's blanket - finally finished!

My younger daughter has finally finished the blanket she was working on, as seen in this previous post.  She's been working on it off and on for over a year, though it has spent a few months tucked away, so it's hard to say how much time she actually spent working on it.  Here is the finished blanket!

My daughter's blanket

This is on her queen size bed.  It's made of 22 balls of variegated yarn, plus one ball of solid colour yarn for the edging.  Some of the balls, however, were the bulk sized type.  Those were mostly Bernat Chunky, I believe, while the smaller balls where in Bernat Satin.  She made it using a 4.25 mm hook.  It's all done in double crochet, with the stitches worked in between.

My daughter's blanket

The edging was something she just worked out on the fly.  She doesn't quite remember what the yarn was - possible Red Heart Supersaver, but she's not sure.

This thing's got a lot of weight to it!

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