Sunday, October 16, 2011

A great afternoon

Yesterday's drop-in demo was a lot of fun!  It sure was a busy day, too.  Not just with customers, but with other staff doing crafts.  It was great!

My younger daughter accompanied me this time, and she chose to bring along the blanket she has been working on sporadically.  It's one of those projects that gets set aside for in between smaller, faster projects.  She's already finished a blanket done in the same manner - just double crochet worked in the round to make a rectangular shape.  This one, however...

Well, check it out for yourself.


She picked up pretty much ever colourway of variegated yarn on the shelf.  Some of it is Bernat Satin, some of it is chunky yarn.  She's using a 4.25mm hook.  In this picture, she was near the end of what she figured out to be her 20th ball of yarn (she got two balls of each colourway in the Bernat Satin, while the chunky yarns tended to be single, but much larger, balls of yarn).  She started her 21st ball while we were here.  It's getting pretty darn heavy!  She's got a few balls of yarn left.  By the time it's done, it'll be easily big enough to cover a king sized bed.

As you can imagine, she got quite a bit of attention!  The response was overwhelmingly positive, which was funny considering her goal had been to make the ugliest blanket ever. *L*  She also got a lot of comments about how FAST she works! 

Beside us we had people working on everything from aisle-end displays to feather earrings to painted and glass etched Christmas ornaments.  The staff will all be making at least one ornament for a tree that will be on display, and the decorations will eventually be sold.

No, I won't be doing a crochet ornament.  Instead I'll be doing temari.  It's been ages since I've made temari, and I've been wanting to get back to it again.  I'll see about doing step-by-step photographs of the process this time, too.

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Anonymous said...

WONDERFUL post! Thanks Anna! I am looking forward to the tamari lesson, wish I could come there and get it in person! I am hoping Adam's girlfriend will be able to help me at this end once she gets your instructions. Looking forward and will keep you posted!
Great job D - looks GREAT!

Love W