Sunday, June 2, 2013

Saying Thanks

Things have been really busy lately, so posting is going to be a bit sparse.  Hopefully, I'll be able to do more mobile posting over the summer.  We shall see.

With two new additions to our household, we're all getting used to having younger children again!  Both my daughters have been great about helping their new "sisters" settle in.  My younger daughter has been really above and beyond, so today I got her a gift to say thanks.

While I was helping my older daughter with her first festival of the season - in pouring rain, no less - I had the opportunity to tuck into a local yarn shop I haven't been to in ages.  I found this.

I took this sad, inadequate little photo with my phone while we were still out, and it's now tucked away, so I'll have to look up the brand, etc. later on.  I do remember that it's 75% superfine merino wool, 25% silk.  It's 100g and 1,400m.

Yes, it's almost a kilometer and a half long and weights only 100 grams!!  The photo does not do the colour justice at all.  It's incredibly soft and luxurious, too. 

My daughter is thrilled with her gift!

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