Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas sachet - another one down

Because I did most of this sachet the same as the last one, I'm just posting the finished photo today. Full size photo available here.

After finishing up to the button hole stitch edge, I did a row of sc around the end (including 3 sc in one stitch to turn the corners). I counted how many sc I ended up with and it was a total divisible by three, which helped me decide what to do next.

After turning, I did 5 ch, skip 2, 1 sc into the 3rd sc of the previous row. I continued making loops like this all the way around, except for the very last one. For that one, I did 2 ch, 1 dc into the last stitch, which left my hook in the middle of the loop. I then turned and did 2 ch, 4dc into that loop, then 1 sc into the 1sc of the previous row. For the rest of the edging, I did 5 dc into each loop and 1 sc into each sc of the previous row until the last loop. In the last loop, I did 4 dc, 2 ch, 1ch into the loop, then slip stitched into the base of the loop.

Without finishing off, I then made the hanger. I did 1 sc into the corner of the sachet itself, using the opening at the base of the very last button hole stitch, then made a change long enough to hang from. I fastened it to the sachet at the other end with a sc, then slip stitched into the bottom of the first sc row and turned. I then slip stitched across the chain to make it sturdier, then finished off the thread at the other end.

I was still doing both sides of the sachets with this pattern, so this decoration is reversible. Front and back are virtually identical.

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