Monday, March 16, 2009

Future planning

Well, I've been inspired by Plant June's crocheted socks.

I've been thinking of doing socks for a while, and was really curious about how it would work with this stretch yarn. After reading the post about them, I decided to give it a go. I found some stretch sock yarn on sale and picked up what should be more than enough yarn to do 2 pairs of crochets socks, with some left over. In knitting, one ball should be enough, but crochet takes about 1/3rd more yarn, so this should work out.

I won't be making them until I finish my place mats, though. I've finished 4 in the red acrylic - I'll post more on those later - and have picked up a lovely cotton yarn in Tavern Green for another set. Once those are done, I'll start on the socks.

A closer look at the stretch yarn. I'd have preferred a solid colour, but I can go for this organic looking mix.

Which leads me to something I've been wondering. Why is sock yarn so frequently in those garishly bright colours? I don't mind some colour variations, but they're so... busy. It's either that or colours like black and navy. There doesn't seem to be much choice in between.

Ah, well.

Meanwhile, I've set up a work station on the other side of out desk. Which means I can start unpacking and setting up my other craft supplies. I'm looking forward to doing some papercutting in the near future, and getting some use out of that embroidery frame I picked up shortly before the move. :-D

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