Monday, March 23, 2009

Knit scarf

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A sure sign that crafting is contagious. Our younger daughter has taken up crochet and a bit of knitting. Our elder daughter, who is already a fantastic painter and makes very unique fabric dolls, among other things, is trying to figure out crochet now.

My husband, meanwhile, has been itching to knit. He's tried a few times, but didn't get the groove until he made this scarf for our younger daughter (and willing model). I had to laugh at ourselves. While my husband was finishing this scarf, I was working on another placemat in the cotton, while our elder daughter was trying to crochet. Youngest was making sure my husband's yarn didn't get tangled. So all 4 of us, sitting there, knitting and crocheting... while watching a Rambo marathon. LOL

He got himself some larger needles, which helped. I had a stash of Bernat Harmony yarn, which is quite bulky (rated 5 on the label). The colour is Silk Green.

You can see a more detailed image here.

He did quite well, I think. Knitting is one thing I'm just not getting the hang of, though I admit it's probably because I don't enjoy doing it enough to get better. I'm happier with my hooks. My husband prefers needles. Between the two of us, we've got it all covered. ;-)

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