Friday, September 11, 2009

An item a day blitz

It's been a while since I've posted, but the time hasn't been wasted. I've slowed down on the last two projects I wrote about in favour of a rash of crocheting.

Since we're finally going out to visit our families over the Thanksgiving Weekend (for my readers outside of Canada, that's the second Monday of October), I've decided to make gifts for everyone. That translates into about 20 items. I've got one larger item - a blanket done in chunky yarn and a 9mm hook to work up quickly - about half way done.

For the rest, my goal is to finish a project a day. I've got a stack of pattern books for quick projects I picked up on Wednesday. That night, I worked up two hats. Last night, I made a choker with matching earrings. I'm hoping to get my kids to model them for photos later today so I can start posting them.

Because these are so quick, I won't be posting the step-by-step process in photos, but I will detail where I got the patterns from, any changes made, etc. with each photo.

I may not be able to post a photo every night, but I am shooting to get some up at least every 2 or three days.

Wish me luck! *L*

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