Monday, February 8, 2010

I am such a suck!

No question about it. I'm a suck.

At least when it comes to the cats.


Both cats like to keep me company. Tiger, however, prefers physical contact. She'll frequently find some way to be sitting on me, or leaning against me. While working on my daughter's afghan, she lay down against my hip - right on top of part of the afghan. As I worked my way around the border, more of the afghan ended up on top of her while less was under her. I paused to take the photo before getting the last of it out.



She did this. One moment, she's on the arm rest of the chair next to me, the next, she's across my chest, settled in an purring! Me? I leave her there! LOL

She didn't enjoy the fact that I kept working while she was there and shifted around a few times before I finally got one of the kids to take her off. A few minutes later, she was back! She didn't stay away until my younger daughter cuddled with her.

Too funny!

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Mezamashii said...

I totally understand- Our kitty demands her daily cuddle time!