Saturday, February 13, 2010

Finished! Reminiscence Afghan

Well, it sure took me long enough, but last night I finally finished the Reminiscence Afghan for my daughter. With all the delays, it's taken me almost 6 months!


It's about 40"x60" in size.


Here's a detail of the lace edging - and I would have loved to have had a clearer photo of the pattern like this while making it! (While I normally try to avoid using the camera's flash, here I deliberately used it so that the light carpet would really show off the lace pattern.)

My daughter LOVES the lace edging on this. It was worth all those friggin' picots.

While there were a few minor errors made along the way in the lace, there was one major error that I made in the body itself.


You can see it here - that open space that shouldn't be there. Somehow, while working the 4 stitch cluster, I lost track of what I was doing, did only one dc instead of a group, then missed it entirely in the next row. This meant and entire "stripe" in the pattern was gone. It also meant that the count for the lace edge would be off by too many stitches to work around.

Unfortunately, by the time I noticed it, I was almost 40 rows away, and 9 rows into a new ball of yarn.


So rather than frogging all that work out again, I figured out a way to put the missing "stripe" back in. After following up from the missing cluster and marking where it should have been at the top row, I added ch 1 space in the next row, worked a ch1, dc, ch1 into that space in the following row, which gave me the stitches I needed to work the full 4 stitch cluster in the next row worked, putting the missing "stripe" back again.


Here's a view showing where the "stripe" was lost, and where it was added back again.

This project ended up needing 3 giant 350g (12.35 oz, 1050 m/1144 yrds) balls of Red Heart Comfort Sport, but I needed hardly any from the third ball. Only about the last round and a half of chain loops around the lace edging was from the third ball.

I did have problems with the instructions for the lace border, but once I did figure it out, it was really very simple. Just a pain, though that's because picots are my least favourite stitch.

If I were to do this again, I would probably want to make it in a larger size. Something big enough to cover a twin bed, perhaps.

The important thing is that my daughter loves it. :-D

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