Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Earwarmer hat with simple matching neckwarmer

The hat in this set has a few minor changes to my basic pattern.  The yarn used is Bernat Denimstyle in Sweatshirt, and I used a larger than recommented 6.00mm hook.

Earwarmer hat with matching neckwarmer

The body of the hat was worked in alternating rounds of dc and sc stitch.  I changed my basic hat pattern of a flat disc for the crown by doing the usual increases in the sc rounds, but no increases in the dc rounds.  The sides are just alternating rounds of sc and dc, ending on a sc round.

Earwarmer hat with matching neckwarmer

The ribbing was done by doing a round of dc stitches, then alternating front post double crochet (fpdc) with back post double crochet (bpdc) for a couple of rounds.  Then I started working back and forth for the earflap portion, ending the rows with a fpdc.  Each consecutive round started and finished with a hdc intead of a dc, and skipping stitches at the start and end to reduce each round.  When the earwarmer portion was as deep as I wanted, I worked sc around the entire hat to finish it.

Earwarmer hat with matching neckwarmer

The neckwarmer is just rounds of dc worked from a foundation chain long enough to go around the head, but not so long it gaped a lot at the neck.  I never counted how many stitches that was.  It's wide enough to be pulled up over the nose and mouth and still cover most of the neck.

This is a good hat and neckwarmer set for cooler weather, but it won't cut any wind.  For windy days and colder temperatures, it works great layered under a hood.

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