Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Surface braid hat and cowl set

Time to go back to some pieces I made before taking our Christmas season break.

First up, a matching hat and Moebius cowl set.  The hat is inspired by one I saw on Ravelry.  The free pattern and an instructional video on how to do the surface braid stitch is available at The Laughing Willow.

Hat and Moebius cowl set

I didn't follow the pattern on the site, but worked it using the same basic pattern I use for most of my hats.  The crown is a flat disk (I started with 8 hdc in the ring) worked in a spiral, then when it got to the diameter I wanted, I stopped increasing to do the sides.

Hat and Moebius cowl set

The cowl is done in the same surface braid stitch (which is just a half-double crochet worked into a bar on the back of the previous stitches, instead of the top loops).  I don't know that I even counted how many stitches were in the foundation chain; I just worked the chain until it was long enough to fit around the neck as close as I wanted it to, then closed it up with the Moebius twist and worked as many rows in surface braid stitch as it took to get the width I wanted.

The twist can be moved to the back so that the cowl can be worn over the face to better protect from the elements.

Hat and Moebius cowl set

When finishing off the ends in the hat, I made sure to hide them well so that the hat is reversible.  You can see what the inside texture looks like in the bottom half of the cowl.

This stitch makes for an amazingly stretchy and flexible fabric, and is very comfortable to wear.  I think it's a stitch I'll be using a lot more often.

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