Wednesday, November 26, 2008

collar details and edging

First, a couple of details of the collar *before* the button band was completed. I wanted to make sure it was the width she wanted, first.

And it was. :-D

She wanted to have a collar she could flip up and snuggle into. The finished collar would be 3 sc rows wider than what you see here.

Once the button band was done, the coat was essentially complete. We decided to do a contrasting edging on the cuffs and bottom of the coat. This is the yarn my daughter chose for the edging.

I want to officially say that this yarn SUCKS to crochet with. LOL

I switched back to the larger (I/5.50mm) hook for this part. The extra size was really needed for this lumpy, bumpy yarn to be pulled through the loops.

The finished edging, ready and waiting for my daughter to try it on.

I originally expected to do three rows of sc in the edging. I changed my mind very quickly. LOL I would've had a heck of a time finding the loops properly to do other rows. I think the yarn itself is textured enough not to need more width, anynow.

A closer look at the cuffs. Over time, the loose bits will work themselves out and the edging will have a shaggier look to it.

Next up - a look at the finished coat while being worn.

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