Saturday, November 8, 2008

Stocked up.

We made an unplanned stop at Michael's this evening. They've got a huge sale on yarns right now. I've been eyeballing this yarn for months! I just couldn't convince myself to pay the price. At $3 a skein, it's still higher than I would normally be willing to pay, but I figured I'd either get it now - or not have a chance again. At least not in any decent amount.

I cleared out their remaining stock. Sixteen skeins. It should be enough to make a nice top. I think I even know which pattern I'd like to use - I'll need to dig through my pattern folder again.

The photo doesn't really do the colour justice. It's a very deep purple. The photo certainly does pick up the sparkle, though. It's called Brilliance, by Patons; colour name Prettiest Plum. It's 69% acrylic, 19% nylon and 12% polyester, 166 yards/151 meters 50g/1.75 oz. Hand wash, lay flat to dry. It's also gorgeously soft and light. I really look forward to making something with it.

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