Saturday, January 10, 2009

Blast from the Past - mini felt stockings

Christmas again - this time, 1999. Less than 2 months before, we'd moved back to BC, after being away for several years. We had two children now, and were renting a house in Richmond. This move was supposed to be temporary - my husband had signed on for a 6 month contract - so we didn't bring much with us. My husband had driven out a couple of weeks ahead of us, with the car loaded down with everything we could fit. The girls and I flew out later with a few suitcases. That was all we ever brought with us.

We ended up there for almost 2 years. His contract kept getting extended by 6 months, so we never did ship anything out after us.

Our first Christmas in Richmond found us with no tree and no decorations. We bought a small artificial tree (I know this is sacrilage for some, but we never use live trees) and placed it on the top of a large storage bin for extra height, with the bin covered by a white table cloth. That came in handy, as the empty bin was used to hide the gifts until Christmas Day.

These are the only decorations I've made that included the year on them. I figured the turn of the century was a good time to do it. ;-) I had very little in the way of supplies. A few pieces of felt and a cardboard template. Some embroidery thread, ric rac and glow in the dark pain in a tube.

These have a plain back to them, and can be used to hold small items, if we want. I've never bothered, though.

That year, our tiny tree had these and some fancied up clam shells from a little basket of shells my daughter's had. When the tree came down, the shells were de-fancified and went back to the girls. Throw in a cheap dollar store garland and string of lights, and we had a pretty decent little tree that year. *L*

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