Wednesday, January 7, 2009


I'm still having fun with crochet as my active craft right now - I tend to go through phases, it seems. *L* I've actually started another sweater for myself. This one's going to be big, bulky, light and - hopefully - snuggly warm.

I'm in a bit of a quandry, however.

I saw my dr. yesterday about my left arm. It's been bothering me since late October. More specifically, my elbow has been giving me pains. It's my dominant arm, so it's been quite the inconvenience.

It turns out I've got Tennis Elbow, most likely due to repetitive strain from work, though I can only guess at that. There was no sign of any pain until after a shift, as I was getting into the car to go home. One minute, no pain, next minute, "gee, it hurts to open the car door." The next day, I could hardly move it. Although it got better, it never went away. The simple act of pushing up my glasses or scratching my face can be quite painful. Sometimes, I'd have to use my right arm to lift my left one, because it just wouldn't respond. Since, after 2 + months of giving it time to heal (I've worked only a couple of shifts since then, and made a point of taking it easy with that arm), the doctor wants me to do physio.

As we were talking about it, I happened to rotate my wrist from side to side. The doctor cut off what he was saying with "don't do that - that's one of the things that will make it worse!"

My quandry? That twisting motion is the same motion I use to put the yarn over my hook while doing crochet! No wonder it wasn't getting any better. :-/

So I'm going to have to slow down on the crochet for the next while. Time to either try something new, or dig out some of my older supplies.

Hmm... I wonder what I can decorate with shisha mirrors?


The Travelers Journal said...

Wow, tennis elbow? I hope it goes away sooner or later so you can enjoy crocheting without pain!

Anna said...

The irony is that, the day I saw the doctor, it was feeling better than ever - thanks to my pulled tooth! You see, I was told specifically to take ibuprofen for the pain in my jaw, as it's also an anti-inflamatory. I'd been taking acetominophen for the pain in my arm, so we went out and got some ibuprofen. I'd taken some the day before I'd seen the doctor, though I'd made a point of not taking any painkillers the morning of my appt.

Turns out acetominophen is useless of this type of injury. I've been suffering more than I should've for months, just for taking the wrong type of pain killer.