Friday, January 30, 2009

New project - crochet slipper sock.

Having finished the tea cozy, I wanted to try something challenging. I figured learning how to turn a heel would fit the bill.

This project will be slow going. Although my arm is much better, I need to really pace myself to avoid making it worse again, so I'm taking it easy. My arm is a bit sensitive after a physio session yesterday, so today I only managed a row and a half. That was enough to finish the section I was working on.

I am following a pattern from the book, Lion Brand Yarn "Just Socks." As usual, I've changed things before starting. ;-) I'm using a thicker yarn, but with the hook sizes I'm using, the gauge is the same as the pattern's size medium (women's) sock. The thicker yarn makes it more slipper than sock.
(full size photos available here)

This pattern starts at the cuff and in the flat, with the sock sewn into a tube at the end.

The cuff is 10 stitches wide in sc, with each row done on the back loop only, using a smaller hook. G/6 - 4.25mm

At 40 rows, the piece is pivoted and 40 stitches are done along the side. The rest is done is a larger hook. H/6 - 5.00mm

The body is just rows of ordinary sc (into both loops), until it reachs a length of 7 inches. The yarn is then cut, and the top of the foot is started in another area.

I'll get to that in a day or two, depending on my arm.