Tuesday, January 20, 2009

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Today, my daughter's and I made a special trip to a yarn shop we've passed many times, but never visited. We caught signs saying that they were moving, with 20-80% off all stock, the last time we went by and I wanted to check them out before they disappeared. I'm glad we did. Not only did we find some nice yarns, but we found out they don't have a new location yet. They're moving because the landlord doubled their rent, but their potential new site is still in negotiations.

These are the yarns my elder daughter picked. She doesn't knit or crochet. She uses them for things like doll hair or other interesting fibre sculptures she makes - I'll be getting photos and posting some of them another time.

The Rosarios 4 yarn is 35% mohair, 60% wool, 4% acrylic and 1% polymide. She thought the mossy look would be perfect for something like a mermaid's hair. ;-D I was eye-balling it myself, but would have no use for a yarn with this texture. It was regular price %7.99. She got it for $3.50

The other two are Noro yarns. Both are 45% silk, 45% kid mohair and 10% lamb's wool. I was looking over these ones, too, but with one at $8.99 (regular price $11) and the other at $8.75 (regular $10.99), I couldn't justify it. For the number of skeins I'd have to buy for them to be any use for the sorts of things I make, I just couldn't afford it. Gosh, they feel gorgeous, though!! I don't think my daughter has anything in particular in mind for them, but that's ok. :-D

These are my purchases. I had the hardest time not buying one of each color of the Phildar thread yarn. There were 5 different colours, sparkling like jewels. At $5 each, with a regular price of $10.50, they were a great deal, except I had no idea what I'd use them for. I got this one, thinking of potential crochet edging on a top. It's 65% viscose, 35% polyester.

I grabbed the last for skeins of this colour in the Needful Yarns, Piccadilly. I got them for $5 each, regular price $9.95. I can't find a website for the company. They're from Italy, and made of 54% nylon, 24% acrylic, 20% mohair and 2% lurex. I'm thinking these would make a glorious shawl.

Unfortunately, I still can't crochet. I've still got the tea cozy I'm working on, and all I can manage is about quarter of a row before I have to stop.


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