Sunday, February 15, 2009

Slipper sock - assembly - part one: inside out

Putting it all together.... Once again, you can click on the photos for larger sizes, or visit my flickr set here, where the largest size images are available.

This photos show the sock inside out, so you can see how it was sewn together.

The first part to sew together is the back seam, taking care to line up the rows in the leg, and the stitches in the cuff.

Next, the side seams were sewn together, starting at the tow. When the heel portion was reached, the sides of the heel cup were sewn together.

Here you can see the side seams of the heel portion.

Here is the back heel seam. Although a bit awkward to hold while stitching, lining up the stitches from the heel to the back of the leg portion was a lot easier.

The instructions did warn that the heel portion will stick out quite a lot, but that once worn, it was form to the foot just fine.

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