Sunday, February 15, 2009

Slipper sock assembly - part two: right side out

Click on the photos for larger sizes, or visit my flickr set here, where the largest size images are available.

Here's the view of the top of the toe and foot, and part of the leg. It looks nice at smooth in this view.

Not so smooth on the side view.

Here you can see how the side and heel seams look from the outside. I didn't line the rows along the side quite as well as I thought, from the looks of it.

A closer look at where all the seams joint at the side of the heel.

And finally, a look at the back of the heel and leg seams.

I really don't like all these seams.

Now, let's see what it looks like with a foot in it. Not my foot. There's no way this will fit me. :-/

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