Sunday, December 6, 2009

Get cook, day two

We're now into day two of making our Christmas tourtierre! Here's where we're at so far...


I wasn't able to put the meat outside until something past 3 am, and the pot was still quite warm. This photo was taken about 8 hours later.


The edges are pretty frosty, so I mixed it up so the middle will chill even more. It's no where near frozen, even after 8 hours in temperatures closing in on -20C. The meat will stay out in the cold until shortly before we're ready to start the pies. The dough will be set outside to chill, too, as there's no way we'll be able to fit it all in the fridge.


Prepping for the dough. We'll be doing 8 triple batches of hot water dough. (Not in the photo is the flour and water.) I've got more shortening then I need, in case we want to make extra. The left over dough is great with some shredded cheese kneaded in, shaped into sticks and baked. Yum.


The best tools I never paid for! There's my KitchenAide Artisan mixer, which I got for free using grocery store points, and a food processor my wonderful in-laws gave us for Christmas a few years back (I'm one of those women that LOVES getting kitchen appliances as gifts).

It occurs to me that I won't need to use the processor. Typically, I'd do the boiling water, shortening and egg in the processor, then pour it into the flour in the mixer for kneading with the dough hook (at triple recipes, the heavy duty mixer is a must). Now that I think of it, though, I can just do the hot water mix with the beater, then switch to a dough hook and add the dry ingredients. That'll save on clean up later on.

Doing the dough is a VERY messy job. I might be able to get my husband to take photos for me, but I won't be handling the camera myself.

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