Thursday, December 3, 2009


Here is a lariat I made, modifying a pattern from Hooked on Jewelry; 40+ Designs to Crochet, from Pat Harste. Some very lovely designs in this book!

The original pattern is called Jet Set, and was made using black silk thread and black beads and a 2.25mm hook.


I used the same metallic yarn I used for the Dazzling Dahlia, and a 1.50mm hook. I chose pearls and shells for the beads. The pearls were 4mm beads that came in strung packages of 290. The pattern called for 416 beads to be pre-strung onto the thread. The glass teardrops of the original pattern were replaced with seashell pieces, also purchased in strings. I was intending to make the matching earrings, but couldn't find my silver earring hooks. Of course, I found it after the sale. *L*

The finished lariat was about 4 ft long. It's a lot narrower than the silk lariat in the photo. The instructions said to iron the finished lariat on a towel, which wouldn't have worked with these materials. As the ends tended to twist quite a bit, I used my ironing board to wet block it, instead. The lariat was quite a bit longer than the board, but since just the ends needed to be straightened out, I just lay it out with a flat curve to "fold" it in half, pinning down the rest, then spraying it with water.

Although this one sold, now that I've found the earring hooks I was after, I think I'm still going to make the earrings. The beads are already pre-strung, so I may as well. ;-)


AmericanGypsy said...

gorgeous! i have pat hartse's book, too, and i think i'll try that pattern with your variation. lovely!

Anna said...

Thanks. I loved how it was in the book, but I had no choice when it came to making a variation. The recommended materials simply weren't available! *L* I already had the silver thread and just picked whatever beads in the size needed I thought would go well with it. I'm really happy with how it turned out. Threading all 416 beads sure took a long time, though. LOL